When it comes to studying in Australia, now more than ever, where you choose to study is the most important factor if you’re looking for longer work visas on graduation or the ability to apply for temporary or permanent residency.

Regional study

With ever-increasing competition for points, studying in a regional area can help you get additional points. IF you study a course in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you’ll only score 5 points for your 2 years of study. But if you study in a regional area like Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, you will get an additional 5 points for regional study.

485 visas

Until now, whether you chose to study in a city or regional area, the benefit you had for your graduate visas (485’s) was the same so studying in a city or regional area. But now, with the new changes being implemented, if you choose to study at a university in a regional area of Australia (i.e. Anywhere outside Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane), you will be eligible to apply for extra years on your 485 visa.

Why this is important?

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a 50% increase (3 years instead of 2)! This gives you the ability to work longer, gain more points for Australian work experience and look more appealing to Australian employers (with more time to work for them).

  • 1-year Australian work experience = 5 points
  • 3-years Australian work experience = 10 points
  • Employer sponsorship now requires 2-years experience in your field

State sponsorship

With the increased competition for points and general invitations needing more than 80+ points or more, the need for state sponsorship is now more important than ever. Focusing on states that require your occupation and choosing to study there or meet the requirements they require, is the best thing you can do as part of your residency journey.

Different states each have different requirements and although these can change over time, it’s super important to have a plan that ensures you give yourself the best chance of success.

For example, Tasmania has great offerings for students who choose to study 1 or 2 years in the state or if you’re on a 485, working in the state. Western Australia has a great graduate list for students who complete a Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. in the state (soon to be expanded to Vocational courses too). Northern Territory has great options like Tasmania, for graduates and people who move and work on a 485. Queensland has a range of lists including Post-Graduate, Working in Queensland and Offshore. And the ACT and South Australia both provide options for graduates and people working in the state too.

As a migration and education agency, EMSA are specialists in helping our clients find pathways that fit their individual needs. As everyone is different, the path toward your next visa may be different from that of your friend.

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