Finally! After two or three years, you have finished your bachelor or master’s degree and now you are part of all the cheerful university graduates out there ready to start your professional career with a valuable Australian degree in hand.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! If you are wondering what to do next, the next best thing after graduation is getting that job you’ve studied so hard for and ultimately Permanent Residency. Right? But sometimes the plan is not that easy and you still need more points to be able to apply for residency or at least to have real work experience…

Fortunately, there is one option for you to complete the points required and start your adventure in the Australian workforce.

This option is called Professional Year Program and consists of an internship in an Australian company followed closely by tutors, who will set a plan for you to achieve while getting the necessary experience in your field.

The Benefits of the Professional Year (PY) Program

Before starting with this point, it is important to mention this program is only available for graduates of Information Technology, Accounting or Engineering areas. 

This program aims to make locally qualified graduates with skills in these areas more employable and job-ready for the tough Aussie job market.

More importantly, the professional year scheme doesn’t just make you job-ready but also gives you an additional 5 points which assist towards permanent residency. Another benefit is that in many cases, companies decide to hire or even sponsor interns if they show exceptional performance in the tasks assigned. Also, this program is a very valuable source to network with people currently working in the industry.

At Education and Migration Services Australia, we have partnered with various Professional Year Providers and institutes to help you find the correct internship and give you the skills necessary to work in the Australian environment.

Why PY Program makes migration easier for Accountants and IT Professionals?

Apart from the professional development benefits, graduates of Accounting who are finding it challenging to score a 7 in each band of Academic IELTS or equivalent to meet the requirements for skills assessment can use the Professional Year program as an alternative. On the other hand, for example, IT students can do the professional year instead of the 12-month skills assessment work experience requirement or simply can use these 5 extra points to replace points lost for age or experience.

The Internship Benefit: The programs include a 12-week internship within a hosting company. Apart from training in the classroom, there is also an internship in the field of your choice which adds to your employability skills.


Do you want to know more about it?

For all IT, Accounting, and Engineering grads interested in getting discounts, enrolment waivers, and even free laptops while enrolling into Professional Year Programs you can contact us and we will check the best option for you.

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