Higher Education in Australia

Australian universities and higher education institutions offer programs in a diverse range of fields. These programs are usually ranked among the best in the world.

Bachelor Degrees

They are the most common qualification offered in Australia. These are the entry level to higher education and range from 3 to 5 years length depending on the field.

These degrees generally require an Academic IELTS of 6.0 – 7.0 and completion of the
equivalent to Australia high school studies (grade 12).

Tip! – If you study a VET (link) course in Australia you could get some credits towards your Bachelor degree. Contact us to learn more about this!

Bachelor Degrees

Post-graduate Programs

They provide specialised research training and professional development after you have finished your Bachelor degree.

One option could be to study Graduate certificates and Graduate Diplomas. These programs can lead into Masters degrees

Masters can be by coursework (class/project based) or by research (you develop its own research). These programs are usually 2 years length

Post-graduate Programs

The big advantage about studying a higher education program in Australia is that these degrees allow graduates to apply for a post study work visa to stay and work full-time in Australia for 2 – 5 years after completing (regardless of what area you choose to study).

University Programs

Depending on the field of study,
university programs start at
per year for Bachelor

Masters programs

and masters programs and
range to about
for higher quality universities.

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