As Australia prepares to open borders for international students after COVID, we thought it is a great opportunity to share with you the most up to date information about scholarships to study in Australia in 2022. This comprehensive guide will explain to you what are the different categories of scholarships, what you need to apply and what universities are offering the best scholarships for you.

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What scholarships can I apply for?

There are many scholarships to study in Australia available to international students ranging from 20 – 30% all the way to full scholarships! Most of them are for Masters, but you can find some for Bachelors and even VET courses.

There are three types of organizations you could get a scholarship to study in Australia:

  • Australia Government-funded scholarships
  • Universities in Australia
  • Organizations/Government in your own country

Each organisation has its own requirements and deadlines to award the scholarship, so it is very important you check start preparing as soon as you find out about the opportunity. The sooner, the better.


Destination Scholarship Australia

This is the most popular Australian funded scholarship. You could get up to $15000AUD per annum for up to 4 years to support your studies. The idea of the program is to help develop small cities in Australia, for this reason, you must study in a regional provider that is participating in the program with the government. This means, cities other than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. You can find the list here.

Each provider has set up their own conditions to award the scholarships, so it’s important to check directly with each of them.

Universities in Australia with scholarships

Due to COVID, today almost every university has a scholarship to offer. However, your eligibility depends on your nationality, course of interest, academic background (GPA) and sometimes English level. Realistically, 100% scholarships are only common if you are going to study for a Master by research or PhD. In this case, you have to have a very specific topic to research and previous experience in the research sector.

For other types of courses, you can find scholarships ranging from 15% up to 50% per year. This is a list of some of the most popular:

  • Torrens University – Scholarships ranging from 15% up to 35% – Campuses: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. For example, if you are an engineer wanting to study a Master of Engineering management in Adelaide, you could get up to 30%.
  • La Trobe University – 15% / 20% up to 25% scholarship – Campuses: Melbourne, Sydney and in regional Victoria: Bendigo, Albury, Mildura, Shepparton
  • Deakin University – Up to 25% – Campuses: Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool
  • Swinburne University – 15% , 20% and 25% depending on your GPA (academic performance).
  • Kaplan Business School – Offers up to 30% scholarship in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide y Perth
  • Central Queensland University – up to 25% – If you study in any of the regional campuses: Rockhampton (regional) Perth (regional). Also they have scholarships in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Griffith University –  50% Excellence Scholarship or 20% Scholarships – Campuses: Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • QUT – Triple Crown Business schools you can get 25% per year and science
  • Bond University: 20%to to 50 % off merit base. Also, they are offering a Full fee Master of Architecture Scholarship
  • Tasmania University – Up to 50% scholarship for academic merit.


This is a VERY short list of universities offering scholarships for international students. As we said before, almost all universities are offering scholarships to international students.

On top of this, some universities are offering accommodation support, free English weeks for students who need to improve their English and even early acceptance discounts.

If you want to check what options might be for you, talk to us today and the EMSA team can help you match you with the right scholarship for you.

Other organisations offering scholarships in Australia

Sometimes to study in Australia with a scholarship, you need to look inside your own country. There are many scientific, NGO or government organisations that offer scholarships and/or have agreements with Australian universities to support students in their journey.

For example, some organisations in Latin America are working with different universities to offer scholarships to study in Australia.



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