English Test in Australia

[UPDATED 1 May/2021]

For a long time, IELTS has had a monopoly on English language tests for migration and it’s hoped that by offering new tests, there will be more competition meaning better prices, availability and hopefully, results for our clients wanting to obtain residency. And the good news is that results are, in most cases, available within a week (even quicker on some sections). TOEFL and Pearson (PTE Academic) will be allowed sometime in November according to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

To give you an overview, please check out the table below:

English Language proficiency level Test component IELTS TOEFL iBT PTE Academic OET Cambridge – CAE
Functional Average across test components only 4.5 32 30 N/A N/A
Vocational Listening 5.0 4 36 B 154
Reading 5.0 4 36 B 154
Writing 5.0 14 36 B 154
Speaking 5.0 14 36 B 154
Competent Listening 6.0 12 50 B 169
Reading 6.0 13 50 B 169
Writing 6.0 21 50 B 169
Speaking 6.0 18 50 B 169
Proficient (for points tested Skilled visas) Listening 7.0 24 65 B 185
Reading 7.0 24 65 B 185
Writing 7.0 27 65 B 185
Speaking 7.0 23 65 B 185
Superior (for points tested Skilled visas) Listening 8.0 28 79 A 200
Reading 8.0 29 79 A 200
Writing 8.0 30 79 A 200
Speaking 8.0 26 79 A 200

Furthermore, for the early 2015, the third kind of test will be added to the array of choices. The CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) embraces 5 areas to be evaluated, the four typical assessed in IELTS, plus one section more called Use of English (20% of the total score).

Another particularity of this exam is that the speaking part is evaluated in pairs, face-to-face, means that 2 candidates will take this part at the same time, but of course, each will get an independent score. Thus, all these new possibilities, added to IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the OET (Occupational English test), can start to be taking into account at the time to analyze your best chance, and maximize the probabilities of getting the best score in English proficiency test.

However, if you only need to prove FUNCTIONAL English, there are other ways you can do it. One option is if you are a citizen of and hold a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland

Also, if you completed a degree, a higher degree, a diploma or a trade certificate in an institution in or outside Australia that required at least two years of full-time study and all instructions were in English or you undertook your education at a primary school and secondary school where all instruction was in English in or outside Australia.

Covid-19 and at home language tests

Some testing centres are providing versions of their tests that you can take at home, such as TOEFL iBT – Special Home Edition, OET@Home and IELTS Indicator. Please be mindful, the Department of Home Affairs do not currently accept these tests.

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