How to get permanent residency studying engineering?

In this blog, we are going to explain how being an overseas qualified engineer, you can come to Australia and study to gain permanent residence as an engineer.

Providing you hold a bachelor’s degree from an overseas university in engineering. A possible pathway is that you can come to Australia and enrol to study either one of two ways.

What to study to get residency as Engineer in Australia?

The first option is to study a course that’s closely related to engineering, which could be Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Engineering, or two, you could study a Master Degree in Engineering.

Studying either the courses that are closely related or Master Degree in Engineering will enable you to get either the 485 Graduate or the Post Study Work Visa.

The advantage of studying a Master is that you will get a 3 year post-study work visa, instead Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas will only give you a 18 month visa (currently 24 month visa).

Studying a Master closely related to engineering, such as Project Management or Engineering Management can also provide you with better opportunities for gaining state sponsorship in your occupation as an engineer.

Skills assessment as Engineer in Australia

When it comes to skilled migration after studies, we could get you a skills assessment based on your studies in Australia or also based on your bachelor’s degree from overseas. You need to have a minimum IELTS of 6 in each band and the degree was a minimum of 4 years.

With that skills assessment, you can then use that to apply for residency in Australia. Most engineering occupations are on the main list, which means you’re eligible for the 189-Skilled Independent, 190-Skilled State-Sponsored Residency or the 491-State Sponsored Regional or Family Sponsored Regional Visas. Meaning there are a lot of options for you if you want to apply for residency in Australia as an engineer and continue your career here in Australia.