How to get permanent residency through study as an Automotive Mechanic

Studying to be an automotive mechanic is one of the most popular options for international students to achieve permanent residency in Australia. Not only this occupation is one of the most in-demand trades in the country but also is available in most states and territories for sponsorship.

How do I qualify as a motor mechanic in Australia?

In order to qualify as a mechanic, you need to undertake a Certificate III in Motor Mechanics or Light Automotive Mechanics. During your two years of study, you need to also undertake 360 hours of practical experience. This can either be paid with you working in a mechanic shop or it can be through your practical placements as part of your course, in which case you need to record it in your logbooks.

Usually in Australia, you have to package this course with a Certificate IV and/or a Diploma to meet the study requirement of 92 weeks.

When you graduate from your two years of study as a mechanic, you can then apply for a Provisional Assessment, which requires you to show proof of your 360 hours as well as a copy of your Certificate III in Automotive Mechanics and the rest of your certificates.

With these documents, you can get your Provisional Assessment with the TRA and then as long as you have an IELTS of 6 with nothing less than 5 in each band, you’ve done police checks, medical checks and you have health insurance, you can then qualify for the Graduate 485 visa.

What happens after I studied Certificate III in Light Vehicle in Australia?

After you complete your 92 weeks+ of study as an Automotive Mechanic, you are then eligible to apply for a visa that allows you to stay and work in Australia.

The Graduate 485 Visa is granted for 18 months (currently 24 months). During this time you have to undertake your full skills assessment by completing the Job Ready Program and working 1 year in your occupation. To do this, you and your employer must register with Trades Recognition Australia and log all of your hours as a mechanic.

This 485 visa also allows you to move if needed and look at regional and state sponsorship options that may help you get residency sooner.

Applying for permanent residency

When you have completed all the requirements and have your full skills assessment, then you’re eligible to add up your points and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) which is needed to apply for different types of residency visas. These include:

  • 189 Skilled Independent Permanent Residency Visa
  • 190 Skilled State Sponsored Visa
  • 491 Skilled State Sponsored or Family Sponsored Visa.

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