Studying to be a Nurse is one of the most popular options for international students to achieve permanent residency in Australia. Not only is this occupation one of the most in-demand occupations in the country but also is available in most states and territories for sponsorship.

How do I qualify as a Nurse in Australia?

Once you finish studying your 2-year or 3-year nursing degree, you can then qualify for the Post Study Work Visa. The Post Study Work Visa is for anyone who does a Bachelor or Master in Australia and depending on where you study, you will either qualify for a 2, 3 or possibly even 4-year working Visa.

Once you’ve finished your study in Australia during this time on the 485 visa, it will enable you to get the experience and meet the requirements to move on to skilled migration in Australia. Even before the COVID pandemic, nurse was the number one occupation in demand in Australia and that has only increased. In order to qualify as a nurse in Australia, you need to undertake a Bachelor’s Degree.

If you have a qualification from your home country, I.E A Bachelor degree, then you may only need to do 2 years in order to qualify as a nurse through a Graduate Entry Program. Otherwise, it would be a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in order to qualify as a nurse. One important factor is that you need to have an academic IELTS of 7 in each band in order to commence your degree as a nurse in Australia. Moving from study to skill Migration as a nurse require you to undertake a skills assessment. This requires you to have your qualification academic IELTS of 7 in each band. You need to register as a nurse and then apply for a modified assessment.

With this assessment you can then submit an EOI, add up your points and then apply for state sponsorship or independent residency depending on what the need is at that point in time. The visas you can qualify for as a nurse are the 189 Skilled-Independent, the 190 State-Sponsored Permanent Residency as well as the 491 State-Sponsored Regional or Family Sponsored Regional.

All of these are great options as a nurse because as I said it’s the number one occupation in demand in Australia.

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