Many potential migrants who wish to settle in Australia may already have professional qualifications in Engineering from their country of origin, but sometimes the process to verify and validate an overseas degree to Australias AQF equivalent can be more challenging then expected and can mean that a skills assessment is unattainable. In other cases, a potential migrant may be looking to step and get permanent residency through a similar career area but different discipline such as Civil Engineering.

In this article we will explain what working in this occupation mean and how the pathway is to achieve permanent residency after studying in Australia.

What’s a Civil Engineer Draftsperson?

In brief description. A person working in this area, prepares detailed drawings and plans for civil engineering work in support of Civil Engineering Professionals and Engineering Technologists. . Civil drafters prepare topographical maps used in construction and civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, and flood-control projects. Drafters generally need to complete postsecondary education in drafting.

The occupation level is classed as level 2 (whereas a Civil Engineer would be classed as level 1) so the requirements to qualify in this occupation is an Associate Degree (usually 2 year course).


A Civil Engineering Draftsperson earns an average weekly wage of $1500 per week


Another benefit of this study path, is should the student decide in the future to continue studying they can ‘upgrade’ their course to a full degree, by completing another 2 (or 2.5) years through University articulation (and if they do this after they get PR, they will be charged domestic study rates!!).

So, back to explaining the pathway to PR using this occupation!

So once a person has completed their studies in this occupation and they have lodged their 485 visa, they can get a full skills assessment straight away and then look at options for the 491 regional points based visa, as well as the 190 State nominated visa!

This is one huge advantage as you are not depending in work experience to get the full skills assessment as other occupation such as chef, carpenter or automotive mechanic.

Remember from our other blog, that the 491 is a temporary visa that has a transitional visa to PR after 3 years, whereas the 190 is directly PR (although there are limited places in the 190 stream, it is in high demand in some states, and they will prioritise this occupation for the 190).


Due to the continued building and development Australia undergoes, plus the fast tracked construction projects the government have approved as a way to “Boost the economy during Covid” there is an increasing demand for a wide variety of Industry occupations within Engineering to help bolster this initiative, and with the qualification just a two year journey, you could be on your way to an interesting career path in no time, but remember WHERE you study is just as important as WHAT you study! so get in touch today and we can map out a journey for you.

Talk to us today and find your way to come to Australia!