Are you a tradesperson looking to relocate to Australia? Or maybe you are at the beginning of your career journey and might be looking to study a trade in Australia? – If you are interested in building your career and long-term life plans in Australia a trade could be your best option!

Australia has always needed tradespeople to contribute to the economy, and whilst there are apprenticeship schemes in place for Australian students to participate in, there has been a decline year on year for those successfully completing them. This results in a gap of skills that the market need, and also a lag in those qualifying due to the timeframe of 4 years that an apprentice undertakes. Another consideration is the low hourly rate young apprentices receive compared to other casual jobs.

So the combination of above factors means there are still plenty of places available to potential international graduates, or already qualified migrants to be considered for trades such as:

  • Electricians – 8021
  • Carpenters and Joiners – 6812
  • Metal fitters and Machinists – 6335
  • Motor Mechanics – 5205
  • Structural Steel and Welding Trade Workers – 4866
  • Chefs – 2256

Data provided by Immigration and current as of August 2020

What about if I have already studied a trade?

Now if you are already a qualified tradesperson with work experience, and fancy working in a country with an abundance of beaches, hinterlands, free recreation areas with free BBQs, fantastic cultural events, high standard of living and sunshine in abundance – then EMSA can explain the pathways and options to you – just contact us here for more information!

Alternatively if you are considering studying a trade in Australia, EMSA can advise on the most suitable course and level, school, location, duration and manage the whole enrolment process for you. Even we have created an infographic with the Top 6 Occupations to study in Australia, as sometimes, courses for international students in these occupations are not available.

Our aim is to ensure that we work with clients and collaborate on the most important factors when choosing to undertake study – Remember you are investing into your future career – you should choose something you will enjoy, and get a return on your investment when you gain employment in that occupation – for more information on Studying in Australia you can visit this page or just give us a call or email!


Juan is on a WHV (working holiday visa) and has fallen in love with QLD, he decides to contact EMSA to consider his options to study, and we explain all the ‘behind the scenes’ factors and criteria to meet. He is enrolled in a relevant certificate of studies as a Carpenter. After completing this course, he can then apply for a graduate visa (485) gain a year work experience and then be classed as fully qualified and at that stage can proceed to lodge an EOI (Expression of interest) for a visa!

Erik is from the UK, and holds an NVQ in mechanics, he’s also got the relevant amount of work experience to be considered for a variety of visas. After consultation with EMSA he proceeds with having his skills assessed and gaining the required points to lodge an EOI from offshore.

With offices both in Australia (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne) and a fantastic offshore team in Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines – whether you are already enjoying the sunshine in Australia or planning to in the future EMSA can help you.

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