As of October 1st, significant changes have been introduced to the student visa program in Australia. These changes have a direct impact on international students aspiring to study in the country. In this article, we’ll delve into the newly revised financial requirements for student visa applicants in Australia, shedding light on the key aspects of these changes and their implications for those seeking to pursue their education down under.

Why These Changes Matter

The Australian government periodically reviews its immigration policies to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the student visa program. The latest adjustments to the financial requirements are part of their ongoing efforts to enhance this program. International students, considering Australia as their study destination, must be well-informed about these changes to make successful visa applications.

New Financial Requirements

To secure a student visa for Australia, applicants must meet specific financial thresholds. These requirements are based on various factors, including marital status and the number of dependents. Below, we outline the financial criteria:

Proof of funds

  • Primary Applicant: AUD 24,505
  • Primary Applicant with Spouse or De Facto Partner: AUD 8,574 (in addition to the primary applicant’s funds)
  • Each Dependent Child: AUD 3,670
  • Annual School Costs for Each School-Aged Dependent Child: AUD 9,661

It’s important to note that these figures represent the minimum financial capacity required to obtain a student visa. Applicants must be able to demonstrate these funds through various means, such as bank account statements or approved loans.

Proof of income

  • Personal Annual Income for the Primary Applicant (with no secondary applicant): AUD 72,465
  • Personal Annual Income for the Primary Applicant (with a secondary applicant): AUD 84,543

This can be show through government tax returns or other verified proof showing income

Meeting Financial Requirements

International students have several avenues to meet these financial requirements. They can show the required funds in a bank account, present evidence of approved loans, or meet the income criteria through their personal earnings.

Education and Migration Services Australia (EMSA)

Navigating the Australian student visa application process can be complex, especially with the recent changes. That’s where Education and Migration Services (EMSA) comes in. Our team of migration and education professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of studying in Australia.

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Planning for Your Australian Journey

Understanding the updated financial requirements is crucial for international students planning to study in Australia. Adequate preparation and documentation, combined with expert guidance from EMSA, will significantly enhance your chances of securing a student visa. Make sure to consult with us to ensure a smooth application process and a successful transition to studying in Australia.


Australia remains a sought-after destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, diverse culture, and excellent lifestyle. While the recent changes in student visa financial requirements may seem daunting, they are designed to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure that students have the financial means to support themselves during their studies. By staying informed, adequately preparing, and seeking the assistance of Education and Migration Services (EMSA), aspiring students can continue to pursue their dreams of studying in Australia with confidence.