n a recent update to the legislation regarding which postcodes can be deemed as regional for visas purposes:

Two new regions were added to the ‘specified designated city or major regional centre’ for Queensland, these are Ipswich Region (including Springfield) and Moreton Bay Region (including i.e. Petrie).

An additional range of postcodes was added to ‘specified regional centre or other regional area‘ which are 4306 to 4498 (inclusive)

This is great news for students because it means that educational institutes that are within the above postcode areas will now be classed as regional campuses, which means that students who study there can claim 5 points for regional study and those graduates who will be lodging the post study work stream of the 485 visa, can access additional years/extensions if they remain living and working in the region.

For example, studying at the University of Southern Queensland (Springfield Campus) or the University of Sunshine Coast (Petrie Campus) will give “regional” benefits to their students.

It also means that these postcodes will influence visas and jobs related to the 491 regional skilled visa, as well as the 494 employer sponsored regional visa, enabling applicants who find a job in those postcode areas to potentially access a wider range of skilled visas as there are more occupations listed for the regional visas!

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