If you are looking for opportunities to stay in Australia, probably you have heard lately a lot about Tasmania and how “awesome” is to get PR in this state. Well, today we will explain what is the “fuss” about this state and how you can get permanent residency studying in the southern state of Australia.

As always, the information here is general in nature and correct at the time of writing. However, always it is best to check with a registered migration agent your particular case.

Why Tasmania?

Tasmania is one the states with the lowest populations in Australia yet is experiencing fastest growth in areas such as tourism and hospitality, building and engineering, aged services and much more. This is the main reason they have created an attractive migration program to keep up with the economic needs of the state. Even during COVID, Tasmania is the only state in Australia that is accepting and processing applications offshore, in order to receive new migrants as soon as borders are open.

Based on this and the fact that international education also brings economic development to Tasmania, it is clear that studying in this state boost the chances of any international student of getting permanent residency.

What is the process?

First, there are many pathways you could get a nomination from Tasmania to apply for permanent residency. In total, they have 3 categories – Graduates, working in Tasmania, overseas applicants, family in Tasmania and small business owner. We will focus on the first two as many international students could get PR through these pathways.

Pathway 1 – Tasmanian Graduates

In this case, you should study a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma or Higher Education (Bachelor, Master, etc.) for at least 40 weeks and you have to have lived in the state for at least 1 year since the starting date of the course. This also includes your dependants, who cannot be living anywhere else in Australia.

You don’t have to necessarily prove work experience after graduation but you have to demonstrate how you can find skilled work in Tasmania but you can include areas that are not related to the studies you did. Also, different to other states, your studies in Tasmania don’t have to be closely related to the occupation you are applying to.


John is Civil Engineer from his country and goes to Tasmania to study a Diploma of Project Management for one year or 52 weeks. At the end of his course, he could demonstrate through job offers that being a civil engineer in Tasmania has increased his chances to find skilled work.

If he can get the skills assessment and complete the point test (age, English, work experience, etc.). He would be eligible to get state sponsorship in Tasmania.

Pathway 2 – Currently working in Tasmania

If you already finished a course anywhere in Australia or you have partner with full-working rights (i.e. you are studying a master degree). You could move to Tasmania and work in a skilled occupation for at least 6 months, 35 hours per week – it doesn’t have to be related to your occupation. After this time, if you can prove that there is a shortage to fill that gap, you or your partner could apply for state sponsorship and therefore permanent residency.


As you could see, Tasmania is one of “hottest” states for migration in Australia. With the right strategy you could apply for permanent residency in no-time and live in one of the most beautiful states in the country.

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